When I originally designed the Wellbeing Curriculum, I wrote it as a capstone project from my clinical training as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and my goal was to give all the tools necessary to not only empower students, but also teacher guides in both traditional and Montessori schools. The course was evaluated by 2 Ayurvedic doctors (one of whom was a yoga therapist as well) as a complete curriculum to empower students and teachers by activating certain areas of the brain and central nervous system using traditional wellbeing techniques as well as some more ‘modern’ techniques. The ‘modern’ techniques are spoken of in the original Vedic texts, but in a slightly different way so I tend to explain them more in ‘modern’ scientific terms. Each week builds upon the different skills, and it’s my training and understanding that all levels are needed for bringing areas of the central nervous system and brain into empowered activation and regulation.