I have spent 3 ½ decades (most of my adult life) working in Montessori schools. From working in the Primary level of a Montessori school to working as an Upper Elementary guide to being a Dean, Head of School and Montessori Consultant, I have noticed over the years the stress and strain that I’ve experienced and what others, including students, have experienced, even within the wonderful system of Montessori education. And, now, to make things even more challenging, we are experiencing a global pandemic which naturally doesn’t make our lives any easier.

Thankfully, the Montessori education system is adaptive and quite flexible, but this doesn’t take into account the human beings that work and learn within the system and, from my experience, we are not always as flexible, resilient or adaptive as the Methodology itself.

Enter stage right a Wellbeing Curriculum designed for Montessori schools. I developed this curriculum at the encouragement of one of my mentors who is a doctor. He suggested that if Montessori education has so many amazing materials and if it looks at the development of the whole human being that a Wellbeing Curriculum would be an important addition to the social, emotional and cognitive development of the children.

After much research, writing and development, my Empowered Wellbeing For Success School Curriculum was born. We use this Curriculum at the school where I currently work as a Head of School; I have also sold it to other schools enabling students and faculty (there is free faculty coaching associated with the Curriculum) to develop positive lifestyle techniques and modalities to help them in their quest for emotional, social, and mental wellbeing and success.

We have amazing results at my school and so have others who have used the Curriculum. It is also yours for the life of your school, and can be used at all program levels.

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