When I was taking some online business coaching courses, I joined a Mastermind where I met my friend Louisa. Louisa seemed to always be in alignment, understanding how her life was flowing and although she didn’t practice yoga or meditate at the level I was, her life seemed to flow so much more easily. I knew that she was studying Energy and following a Method that she shared with our fellow Mastermind colleagues. Once I saw the personal and professional results, I was hooked and I became the first person in the United States to certify as an Energy Alignment Method® Mentor. This is a recognized healing modality in Europe. It’s my experience that once you get your body-mind in good working order through Meditation, Yoga and positive Lifestyle choices as laid out by Ayurveda, then working on your Energy is the cherry on top of the cake. You can work with Energy without doing any of the other wellbeing modalities, and the results are amazing; combining them completely uplevels your life. If you are really ready to literally change your life, then EAM® is an amazing tool to use to get your life on track to where you want to go. So, how does this really work? Well, I can guide you through how to break through a ‘glass ceiling’ at work or in your career, how to find out why certain things keep happening to you, and how to remove certain feelings that keep recurring for you. Yup, we can figure out where and when the energy is stuck and literally work out how to remove any negative energy. This is not a quick fix, but a methodical experience that can create enormous changes in your emotional, mental and physical body.

Take Amanda for example, she had been diagnosed with social anxiety since she was a teenager, and she had gone through all the conventional routes to try and alleviate this condition. However, she still couldn’t go into a large box store without getting completely dizzy and overwhelmed. Having a family dinner in a crowded restaurant was misery for her. After doing several sessions of EAM® with Amanda, she was able to go to dinner with her family and actually enjoy her dinner. She was also able to go shopping without the dizziness that had plagued her for much of her young adult life. Now, I do have to caution you, that not all results are the same and it will depend on your life’s experiences including your family history and yes, folks, past lives too. .

And, I have many more similar stories of how this amazing modality can up-level all aspects of your life. So, click the button below to connect with me and let’s see if aligning your energy and bringing it into a flow state will help you enjoy better mental, emotional and physical health and/or achieve your professional goals and dreams. Schedule Appointment