When I am asked to consult in schools with the goal to specifically look at the Montessori programs, I have noticed a variety of scenarios:

  • I notice that the all-important Montessori materials tend to disappear in the Elementary programs. 
  • I find the Early Childhood programs differ depending on the teacher and the type of qualifications. 
  • I’ve found that many Elementary Montessori guides are very overwhelmed by the huge curriculum and often can’t figure a way through the vast number of lessons without ending up in a hysterical heap on the floor (this really happened at one school!). 
  • And, I’ve found that the programs vary in their consistency and adherence to Montessori philosophy and pedagogy often depending on the Head of School’s qualifications. 

So, what can I do to help in all these situations:

  • To maintain an excellent experience for all constituents, a school needs consistency and organization within its programs so that all families get the same experience. 
  • This is where I come in and within a few days I have the programs organized to the highest Montessori standards; faculty are able to breathe again and get on with the wonderful work that they do with children. 
  • Having worked at all levels and been a Head of School at schools with infants through Middle School, I’ve figured out a way to organize an integrated, spiral Montessori curriculum throughout the entire school while keeping the wonderful fluidity that makes a Montessori classroom work so well for all children while also maintaining the sanity of the teachers.

If you would love to have this type of organization within your Montessori School, connect with me below and let’s have a conversation about how you can create a world-class Montessori experience at your school.

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