Do you find yourself in the classroom, trying to get tours done to increase enrollment, making sure billing is on time, doing all the parent, teacher communication, and you just can’t keep up? This is probably a familiar story for many Montessori Heads of School, and for others the school may be big enough that you have a separate person to complete each of the above tasks and you may notice that your vision and mission gets lost in the silo of each job description.

No matter what, often administrators find that they have no one to talk to, or guide them in best practice day-to-day Montessori administration. A very famous Montessori friend of mine once said to me that I was a very unusual Montessorian. Now, I wasn’t too sure where he was going with this, but thankfully, it was a positive comment! 

He said that my undergraduate degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology put me at an advantage as an administrator and leader. I had never thought of it before, but as I spend more time in the world of Montessori administration, I recognize that I learned some fundamental lessons about organizations, the people in them and the best way to organize them from within from my undergraduate degree. I use these skills in my day-to-day administration at my school with much success; this even while having a team of owners with differing needs, ideas and levels of micromanagement, and during a pandemic. 

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