Well, you might be wondering why a 35-year veteran Montessori teacher and administrator has a yoga certification. Yoga and several other wellbeing modalities are what got me through some very challenging times in my Montessoir career. I know I do not need to explain to educators or administrators how challenging working in a school can be. Working with children, parents, colleagues and leadership entails many different working parts and this is often quite stressful. Not to mention our current-day situation whereby the research is finding that all constituents are rather fragile.

When I was Head of School at a very new school in Alabama, there was much dissent amongst the Board members, the teachers were not a cohesive group and there was quite a lot of back-biting that occurred when I was consulting and of course when I stepped in as Head of School, it was a challenge to bring all the nuances into a cohesive school. It’s always much easier as the consultant rather than the Head of School!

Thankfully, I had been practicing yoga for a couple of years and had decided to become a Chopra certified instructor. My doctor at the time felt that yoga was one of the wellbeing techniques that saved my life – literally!

She told me that if I hadn’t been practicing yoga and the other modalities that I was studying, my family would have been burying me – her words: “You would be 6-feet under by now.”
As you can imagine this was a very sobering thought and I began focusing on how I could use my yoga knowledge to help others so that they would be able to manage the type of stress that many of us experience today.

The yoga I teach is Hatha yoga – the original yoga from India. I teach it one-on-one in a Zoom room or through the different programs that I have developed. Not only am I a Seven Spiritual Laws of Success yoga teacher (Yes, that’s right, there is yoga that goes along with Dr. Deepak Chopra’s famous book and I’m trained by the Chopra Center in this!), but I’m also specifically trained in yoga to help relieve stress and anxiety, yoga to help with restful sleep and in children’s yoga. In addition my Ayurvedic coursework also introduced yoga for the specific Doshas which really goes back to yoga’s roots. The individualized instruction will also include specific routines for your lifestyle, mind-body constitution and more.

If you would like to have some personalized yoga sessions – the way that yoga used to be taught – click the link below and let’s connect.

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