Empowered Wellbeing For Success®


Are you looking to develop resilience so that you can overcome life’s challenges? To start you have to overcome anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion and depletion – basically de-stress your life.

Our programs take families, and all student community populations from overwhelm, stress and depletion to enhanced focus, clarity and creativity leading to harmonious personal, family and work relationships. In so doing our clients enjoy enhanced health and wellbeing AND develop resilience to cope with life’s many challenges.

For STUDENT COMMUNITIES: we have an amazing curriculum using scientifically proven techniques designed to empower all students for success AND it includes FREE faculty & staff professional development!

For STUDENT ORGANIZATION LEADERS: we have a customized program to take you from anxiety, overwhelm, stress, exhaustion and depletion (the terms I hear from my clients) to vibrant energy, health and wellbeing. Developing resilience is necessary in today’s leadership world – you are guided in how to up-level your life emotionally, physically and mentally.

For FAMILIES: we have a program designed for busy parents and their children through the teenage years. Get ready to empower your family so that everyone will have the skills to cope with life’s twists and turns. Help your family navigate life with vibrant energy and clarity of purpose all the while developing resilience skills for a successful life.

Programs will provide you with:

  • Reducing anxiety, overwhelm and stress while empowering wellbeing for realization of success without the stress.
  • Developing clarity, focus, harmony, health, and happiness for empowerment in the workplace, in student organizations, families and beyond.
  • Building successful outcomes in parenting, student organization leaders and student performance.
  • Creating a personal culture of positivity and enhanced wellbeing where stress, anxiety and burnout are things of the past.


If you want to: 

  • Reduce the number of disempowering, anxiety ridden days in the workplace, families and student organizations.
  • Maintain consistent wellbeing for life in as little as 5 minutes 3 times per day.
  • Make anxiety, burnout and stress a thing of the past!
  • Develop habits for resilience and sustainable success so that you are able to live your life’s purpose while making a positive impact in the world.

There’s an Empowered Wellbeing For Success® Program for you.

Why the heck should you choose me?

  • I’m Hillary Drinkell, an Online Transformation & Resilience Coach. I help my clients reduce anxiety & stress for ultimate resilience, empowerment, and wellbeing. With an M.Ed., an industrial psychology degree, over 3,000 hours of holistic mind-body-spirit training and several decades of experience in all aspects of the field of education and leadership, I’m passionate about helping families and student organizations develop the resilience needed to succeed in the world of today.
  • Several years ago I switched gears from being a head of school and education consultant so that I could teach the change-making student leaders of our world, parents, faculty and students life enhancing techniques to positively impact success in both families, schools, work and life.
  • I teach various techniques based in mindfulness, yoga, breath, visualization, affirmations, Ayurvedic science and practical applications of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.
  • I became passionate about helping fellow student leaders, parents, teachers, and students because so many of my colleagues and myself, faculty, students and their parents were showing signs of stress and burnout, and in ever increasing numbers.
  • I have spent the last 8 plus years studying and personally implementing the varied techniques and strategies that I learnt in an attempt to alleviate some very negative effects that happened to me as a result of work related stress.
  • The deciding factor for my change of direction from being a consultant and administrator in schools was when my doctor said that if I hadn’t been practicing these techniques and following my training I would probably not be around to talk to her!! In fact, she asked me if I would rather have a six-figure income or be six feet under. Now, that was a sobering thought and I sat up and listened.
  • So that I could make the changes needed in my life I became an Holistic Health Coach, a Meditation and Yoga teacher (I was fortunate to study these techniques through the world famous Chopra Center founded by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon.), and I became a clinically trained Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner. Because I’m so passionate about children and adolescents being able to cope well in such an uncertain world, I’ve added to my yoga qualification and am on track to being a certified Yoga Calm for Children teacher, a course that includes yoga principles, mindfulness principles and emotional healing techniques for children of all ages particularly for use in family and student organization settings. My background in industrial psychology and my former experience in industry and schools are also invaluable to me in helping student organization leaders, parents, children of all ages and teachers find their empowerment and wellbeing for success.
  • As an administrator, I noticed that when I practiced, and encouraged fellow administrators and faculty to practice, certain breath or mindfulness techniques, or when I led faculty meetings starting with a breathing technique, a guided visualization or mindfulness experience, our meetings were more productive, we were more creative in our problem solving and we all felt more successful. Soon I was being asked for information about how the families in the school, the educators and my colleagues could also include these strategies in their lives.
  • Practicing the techniques and various modalities – by stacking them – for small snippets of time during the day we found the side effects to be as the research suggests: enhanced happiness, less stress, more success and empowered health and wellbeing – in other words, you develop amazing resilience to achieve your goals.


I’ll teach you strategies to boost your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth to develop resilience and to empower your health and wellbeing for success. I’ll guide you through short weekly videos and course material, and I’ll also show you how to practically apply Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual (think Principles) Laws of Success techniques in your work and personal life for long-lasting, sustainable success.

For the Empowered Wellbeing Student Organization Leadership Coaching, I’ll mentor and coach you through a wide array of ancient modalities and techniques which will de-stress your body-mind and provide you with empowered wellbeing that can’t help but set you up for a life of your dreams. Short webinar videos will further enhance your understanding and you have access to the entire program for life. I teach you how to stack the techniques so that they can be done in small increments of time for powerful results! Resilience is the key to success in today’s world and having life-long habits to maintain success will enable you to be the best you can possibly be in all things that you do.

For the Empowered Wellbeing Family Coaching, I’ll coach the whole family in various modalities that will allow for each family member to reduce stress such that a truly empowered family experience occurs. Developing resilience in the family unit is what enables you to cope with what life throws at you. You’ll have access to the program for life and it’s developed to not only to reduce anxiety, de-stress and empower parents, but your children too. Imagine a family that lives with reduced stress and has empowerment with enhanced health and wellbeing habits to take them into a bright, successful future.

For the Student Curriculum Series, I’ll provide videos to explain the already detailed school lesson plans and I’ll demonstrate exactly how to practice the techniques with students for maximum benefit and success for both students and faculty. I also coach your faculty & staff that’s weeks of Professional Development!

During all the programs, I’m your biggest supporter and trusted confidante. I’ll be there to support you during the coaching program and you will also have access to a private Facebook mastermind group where you can collaborate with fellow mastermind participants.

Think of me as your personal coach. While you’re working in the leadership or family coaching program or when you are implementing the school curriculum program, I’ll act as your business partner. I keep you at the top of my mind and truly take a vested interest in your success with my program.


Need more information?
Still have questions? No problem! I want you to make the most empowering and success driven decision for yourself, your family or your student organization. Just email me at Hillary@hillarydrinkell.com and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!